Red Ladies 2023 | Tiffany Green

Red Ladies 2023 | Tiffany Green

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

The owner of Nounou Nanny, Tiffany Green prioritizes early child development and creating a unique dynamic of care and trust between her nannies and the families with whom they are placed. As an Alexandria native, she has a deep love of the community and its cultural diversity. “I believe that culture is a huge part of what makes us unique and we should celebrate our differences as one,” she says.

To further education in the local area, Green is a supporter of PHILLIPS Programs for Children & Families. “They are an amazing nonprofit school and support system for neurodiverse children and young adults in the DMV area,” says the entrepreneur, who proudly holds a master’s degree in art. “School has been a great outlet and tool for me and I believe in the power of learning. It’s so very important to support children of all backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses and educational needs so that they have the tools they need to succeed, thrive and, most importantly, live a fulfilling life.”

“It is so important to take care of your body and heart so that you can be an example to the next generation with a balanced lifestyle, clean eating, rest, exercise and stress management. We have so much great information and medical resources at our fingertips, so let’s share with our little ones the importance of caring for our bodies!” - Tiffany Green

Having needed help in the past, it is important to Green that she help others now. “I’m proud to have created job opportunities for young and ethnically-diverse women,” she says. “As a person who has struggled to find employment in the past, I know the grief associated with being turned away in a competitive market such as Washington, DC. I have found that it ultimately takes hard work, willingness to start at the bottom and climb your way up and a dash of luck to claim a rewarding career.”



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