Red Ladies 2023 | Cathy Bradford

Red Ladies 2023 | Cathy Bradford

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

As co-owner of King’s Jewelry for the past 35 years, Cathy Bradford has always been a familiar face in Alexandria’s business community. A proud advocate of community needs, she volunteers her time and service, as well as financial support to various causes and organizations.

Cathy was born at the Alexandria Hospital to Greek Cypriot immigrants who eventually became restaurant owners on King Street.  After working first in restaurants, then in travel, she settled nicely in to the jewelry business, joining her husband, Brad. They still work together with Brad’s daughter, Tari, and their two sons, Andrew and Gregory, in the family business, “King’s Jewelry”, which has been an Alexandria landmark for over 65 years.

"Heart disease has a devastating effect on women and becoming more aware of the importance of heart health and making time for personal growth and exercise will better my chances for a long life. I want to inspire others to do the same along with me." - Cathy Bradford

“I believe that I have made my mark in the world by sustaining important relationships with my family, my extended family, our business relationships and our friends. They know that they can count on me whenever they need me.”

“Knowing how challenging it is to run a business, I am also most proud of my large extended family; Greek Cypriot cousins that have also settled in the Alexandria area and started their businesses here as well. I know that we all need a healthy heart balance in our lives, [which includes] equal amounts of working, socializing and, most important[ly], fitness, exercise and healthy eating. I am realizing that more of my focus needs to be on my personal health and my quality of life. My goal is to inspire my hard-working, extended family to do the same."


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