Red Ladies 2023 | Kate McMahon

Red Ladies 2023 | Kate McMahon

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

As the managing director of Ten Thousand Villages, Kate McMahon is part of something she believes deeply in: fair trade. Combining her passion for fair trade with the opportunity to work in retail, the position is a dream come true for McMahon, who was determined to find a job in Old Town when she moved to the area.

“As a human, I’m just trying to lead an honest life and do the best I can to make the world around me a better place, in as many ways as I can. That’s where I feel my work makes an impact. My personal and professional lives have been very much intertwined through what I do, but in the very best way,” says McMahon. “I love working with young adults and mentoring them about fair trade and how impactful it can be to shop sustainably. It’s something I believe in personally and I’m lucky to also do professionally.”

"I have struggled with arthritis most of my adult life and know how your whole body is so connected! My brother and mother have both had heart issues in the past and thankfully recovered, but we all know that no one is immune. It can happen to anyone, especially women, so I try to stay fit and healthy. I'm so honored to be a Red Lady in support of the American Heart Association." - Kate McMahon

Married for 12 years, McMahon is an avid home cook and has been enthusiastically exploring her inner chef to better her skills in the kitchen. “I’m pretty proud at how good I’ve become!” she says. “I love to use all natural ingredients that I find through the farm share that we belong to. It’s fun and it makes everything that much better.”

McMahon is looking forward to retirement and hoping to do a great deal of traveling with her husband. “We love to travel and have been on some great adventures together,” she notes. “I can’t wait to continue that in our next chapter.”



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