Alexandria's Most Interesting Men; Havin Baucom II

Alexandria's Most Interesting Men; Havin Baucom II

Havin Baucom II

-Liesel Schmidt

As someone who works for the Executive Office of the President, Havin Baucom has to be well-dressed at all times. But as buttoned up as he is for his day job, there are many more facets to the 34 year-old.

When he’s not at the White House, Baucom focuses on his side-hustle: running the eponymous wardrobe consulting company he created, H. Baucom. “Some of my passions are styling men of all ages in formal attire and motivating and influencing our young men of this generation through my volunteer work and mentoring,” says Baucom, who was recently married. “One of my biggest strengths is motivating people and encouraging them to be the best version of themselves to achieve their goals.”

But wait, there’s more—Baucom has been an avid roller skater since childhood and was even in the 2005 movie Roll Bounce, featuring Bow Wow, Nick Cannon, and Mike Epps. He’s also a serious cyclist and a member of the Good Fellas Cycling Club, riding anywhere between 20 and 100 miles in one ride. “I picked up cycling as a hobby during the pandemic, and it is now one of my greatest hobbies,” he says.

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