Alexandria's Most Interesting Men; David Boyle

Alexandria's Most Interesting Men; David Boyle

David Boyle

-Liesel Schmidt

“I’m not your grandfather’s banker.”

A CPA by training and President and CEO of Burke & Herbert Bank, David Boyle may have a title and position that would make you assume he’s not that interesting, but that is far from true.

“I’ve been told I’m kind of a cross between John Wayne and MacGyver; I can look at problems and see past all the noise and clouds and drama and see a solution to fix it, then go through the door hard to get it done. I’ve done that multiple times in my life; fixing different things like cars and companies,” says Boyle, who considers himself “just a little bit redneck” and loves to drive his pickup truck.

At 57, he’s been married to his college sweetheart for 35 years and is the father of four and the grandfather of three. Outside of work, his family is a big passion, and he does everything with them, from hiking and fishing to golfing—which, by the way, he’s a scratch golfer and the holder of six different course records. He’s also an avid sport shooter.

Boyle is a car and a motorcycle enthusiast, as well. He’s built a hot-rod with each of his kids and has a classic car collection that includes a 1967 Shelby Mustang. He and his wife have put some impressive mileage on motorcycles, riding across 39 different states and four Canadian provinces. And of course, he and his Harley have been to Sturgis.

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