VIP Innovator 2022: Page Moon + Elizabeth Chisman Moon

VIP Innovator 2022: Page Moon + Elizabeth Chisman Moon

Story by Liesel Schmidt

Photo by Jonathan Thorpe

Since launching Focus Data Solutions in 2001, Page Moon and Elizabeth Chisman Moon have revolutionized the concept of IT, later restructuring to offer managed services that streamline the supervision and maintenance of computer networks to achieve cost-effective and faster solutions.

“Focus Data Solutions was one of the first small business managed services providers,” says Page, who wears the title of co-founder and CIO. “Back when we started, managed services were a new concept. Most small IT firms of the time waited for a call, went on-site, and attempted to fix issues without knowing anything about the computer or the network. We realized how inefficient and time-consuming this was and how management of the computer would revolutionize service delivery. With managed services, we could ensure that each of our managed computers would have the right systems in place (patching, antivirus and malware protections, security solutions, etc.), and that allowed us to better target the issue. Since this point, I have leveraged my background in IT to continually refine our service offerings with a concentration on security systems. I take the best tools, systems and products, combine them with our exemplary staff and deliver quality service to our clients. Our clients’ success and security are our innovation.”

Adds CEO Elizabeth, “Page’s decision to launch managed services back in 2006 was a huge leap of faith. Our approach is still very customized to the client. It’s simple to roll out managed services to a large list of clients. It’s much more difficult to tailor the experience. That’s really our strong suit and our innovation. During COVID, we created multiple service systems to meet the needs of very different clients in very different situations.”

A computer geek since his high school days, Page boasts more than 30 years of IT experience in network engineering, cybersecurity and software development. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, he helped start the first shipboard computer repair facility in the Atlantic Fleet and repaired secure voice cryptographic equipment. Over the course of his career, he also designed entire data centers and developed international IT networks for private enterprise as well as government contractors and educational institutions.

“Technology was new in the ’80s and, like so many others, what started as an escape and entertainment through computer games became a passion for me,” says Page. “I needed to know how computers worked. I still have that passion today. I am at my happiest when I am faced with a computer or network problem that must be fixed. In 2022, technology changes every day, and I am always tackling a new business situation involving technology. Whether it’s securing a remote workforce during COVID, working with insurance companies on compliance issues or designing security awareness training for our clients’ teams, there is always something new. Our clients’ success drives my passion. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to solve a problem with one of our client’s systems and deliver on our promise to them that their computers, their network and their computer security are in place to keep them productive.”

'Our clients’ success and security are our innovation.” - Elizabeth

The perfect partner to run the business side of the company, Elizabeth holds more than 20 years of management experience in for-profit as well as non-profit organizations, with experience in strategic planning, communications, client services and organizational development. “I share Page’s passion for our clients’ success,” she says. “I’m also very passionate about running a business where people want to work. I want Focus Data Solutions to be a place where people feel good about their work and are always learning. We encourage our team to bring new ideas and new solutions to our clients. People are at their best when they are free to be creative and solve problems.”

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