VIP Innovator 2022: Elise Abdollahi

VIP Innovator 2022: Elise Abdollahi

Story by Liesel Schmidt

The self-proclaimed “Hair Nerd” at Salon deZen, Elise Abdollahi is more than a stylist—she’s a passionate pursuer of the latest innovations in the beauty industry, ever in search of the next best trends and ways to perfect them. Insatiable in her desire to offer the best, Abdollahi constantly educates herself to further her business, especially in the realm of hair extensions.

A master hair extensions specialist, Abdollahi keeps her finger on the pulse of the constantly changing salon industry, which, in turn, keeps Salon deZen on the cutting edge. “If I see something new, I immediately go to a class to master it,” Abdollahi notes. “My goal is to always be on top of all the latest techniques and technology in hair and beauty so I can be as efficient and knowledgeable as possible. I have done hair extensions for over 10 years now and the evolution of the technology is astonishing. What once started as two different techniques is now exploding into new technologies that incorporate machines and tools to achieve better productivity.

Originally taking more than three hours, this luxury service can now be done in an hour with newer, radically innovative equipment. The new technologies and techniques to which she refers include the use of lasers. “The Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano applies hair extensions in a quick, efficiency ient way so that our guests do not have to be at the salon for a long appointment,” Abdollahi explains. “I jumped at the opportunity to become certified in this new hair extension technology because this process is quick and gives gorgeous results in 90 minutes or less. This is a game-changer because it provides beautiful, instant results without the investment of so much time. The instant gratification is amazing.”

Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano

What drives her is, of course, her clients and the difference she can see in them after their appointment. “The look of pure joy and excitement on my guests’ faces after I am finished with their service gives me passion for my work,” Abdollahi says. “Because of COVID and quarantining as well as other factors going on in the world, many people don’t feel like themselves. Helping everyone achieve their hair dreams is huge for me. When you look beautiful, you feel beautiful. I love to make people feel beautiful and [feel] like they are the best version of themselves.”

With all that she has learned over the course of her career, Abdollahi has a vision for what she would like her future to bring. “I would love to design my own hair extensions line,” she admits. “I would want it to be fast and efficient, no matter the type. I also would want the highest quality hair with the greatest longevity. I feel I could bring that innovation to extensions. It would put all of my education and skill to use and provide people with a product that would give them greater confidence.”

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