The Two Sides of Pandemic Fashion

The Two Sides of Pandemic Fashion

Story by Christina Calloway

The sun is shining longer into the days and sidewalks are lined with bursting spots of floral color signifying nature’s announcement that spring is here! With that announcement comes the need to step outside to experience it. As our community slowly opens up to our new normal a mask may not be the only thing you’re concerned about wearing. The ongoing pandemic has changed the fashion industry and as such, our own ideas about our personal style. Sheltering in place forced us into the depths of comfort and stepping outside in an outfit is taking on a whole new meaning with renewed effort. Some women are choosing to lean into a more relaxed style and beauty routine and some women are on the other end of the spectrum fully encouraged to get back to glam! Embrace your post-COVID style in confidence with some style tips to help you make the most of whatever end of the spectrum you choose.


If you are temporarily committing to team sweat and yoga pants forever, you can still maintain that comfort and look stylish while doing so. Brands are now focusing on luxe loungewear pieces that can withstand constant wear so there is no shortage of options to choose from. Show your style by choosing leisurewear in fun prints and playful colors that you can mix and match for different looks. Invest in oversized denim and cotton or linen shirts as a modified “blazer” that you can throw on over a matching sports bra and leggings. If you’re taking your loungewear outside don’t forget the accessories! A chunky necklace or mask chain pairs well with an oversized sweatshirt and adding a pair of cool sandals or sneakers transforms those sweats from comfy to chic!


Christina Calloway

If you are ready to wear those clothes that have been sitting in your closet for a year and break out those boxes of online shopping purchases, think color and volume! Stand out with bold prints and colors on full maxi skirts or tops with voluminous sleeves. Pair your mask collection with stylish mask chains to match your outfit and convert into necklaces or bracelets. Knits are now a major thing so instead of loose pants and tops choose knitwear that is a little more clingy in different styles like a midi dress that highlights your form and even those few pounds you may have gained during quarantine. This is also a great time to support emerging designers and small boutiques that may be offering fashion-forward pieces that are unique from mainstream trends.

Christina Calloway is an intellectual property attorney, writer, and digital content creator of focusing on local lifestyle and style inspiration. You can find her on Instagram at @sharpandsoundstyle

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