She's Got the Look

She's Got the Look


Words By Liesel Schmidt

Read about any of the latest beauty trends and, chances are, they started in Asia. People pay a great deal for the innovative beauty trends coming out of Asia, and Jiba Elemanova has created a business to offer those amenities to the community of Alexandria.

Since opening in March of 2020, DMV Beauty Clinic provides beauty treatments and services including permanent makeup, microblading, lip blushing, eyelash extensions, lash lifts and brow lamination. “Our permanent makeup and beauty clinic caters to people who value quality in beauty,” says Elemanova. “We’re unlike other spas and beauty companies in that we bring all the advances and developments in beauty from Central Asia and offer them to our clients, who leave feeling like the best version of themselves.”

With a staff highly trained by Russian professionals, the Russian-speaking company prides themselves on the quality of their services and their professionalism, as well as their attention to detail and customer service. “We are here to enhance our customers’ natural beauty and give them more confidence for their best moments,” Elemanova says.

For the upcoming holiday season, popular trends include lash lifts and brow laminations. Both services enhance the eyes, making the eyelashes and eyebrows look fuller by lifting the hairs of the brows or the lashes, separating them and moving them into a preferred position. Once they look perfect, a setting serum is applied to keep them in place, giving you a polished look with killer brows and lashes that will make your eyes pop. Add lip blushing and you’ll feel stunning without the need for all the makeup.

Regardless of the beauty treatment you choose, Elemanova offers this advice: “The best way to look for [the] holiday season is to be yourself, to be at your best and be who you want to be.”

Offering discounts on all treatments over the holiday season, DMV Beauty Clinic is a must for your to-do list and a great gift idea.

DMV Beauty Clinic is located at 2161 Jamieson Ave, Alexandria, VA 22314. For more information, call 571.565.1467 or visit

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