What's In Her Bag: Maria Elizabeth

What's In Her Bag: Maria Elizabeth

Spiral hair ties: These spiral hair ties look cute on your wrist and in your hair! Grab yours at Salon deZEN.

Blinc Eyeliner: This eyeliner has staying power and I keep it in my bag to transition my eyes from day to night when I’m on the go. I equally adore Blinc’s mascara as it is water-resistant with tube technology for maximum hold. Both of these are available at Salon deZEN.

KM Session Spray Flex: This hairspray is a go-to finishing spray that provides light hold with eternal flexibility. This spray is made up of natural extracts that help give your hair moisture, strength, and smoothness. Travel size and full-sized product available at Salon deZEN.

Kitsch Scalp Exfoliator: This is more than a brush. It is also a scalp exfoliator that you can use in the shower to stimulate the health of your scalp. However, I carry this circular brush in my purse because it is perfect for untangling my extensions and helps keep them looking their best. Get yours at Salon deZEN.

KM Fresh Hair: Dry shampoo and repeat with this dreamy spray that helps you fake a legendary blowout. The scent is intoxicating and will make you forget that you might be overdue for a wash. It soaks up excess dirt, oil, and product from the hair. This spray transforms your hair back to fresh, bouncy locks. Plus, you’ll save on your water bill. ;) Pick up yours at Salon deZEN.

Translucent Hair Sticks: I love having these in my bag as they are a stylish and easy way to twist my hair into a messy bun with translucent hues of color. Available at Salon deZEN.

Bling “DREAM” Hair Pin: Who doesn’t love a little bling? Salon deZEN has these sparkly hair pins with a variety of words on them like, “PEACE, LOVE, HOPE” etc. You can literally wear your heart on your hair with these stylish accessories.

Torche Lumiere Highlighter by Surratt: This is my go-to fave for that dewy, warm, glow. This “glow stick” is a richly pigmented highlighter that leaves my complexion looking radiant with a subtle shimmery glow. My color shade is “D Or” and I bought this locally at Bellacara. INNERSENSE Harmonic Healing Oil: This oil is everything. It can be used on your hair, scalp, face, or hands. I especially love to use it on my hands in the winter months as well as my lips for extra potent hydration. This treatment oil helps to balance hair, skin, and scalp with a fragrant lavender scent. Salon deZEN is so thrilled to now be caring the INNERSENSE line.

Haute Protection High Protect6ion SPF 50: I’m a sunscreen advocate and this mineral cream-to-powder makes my skin happy. It’s the perfect on-the-go item as it comes in a convenient compact with a mirror for easy application and reapplication through the day. I snagged mine at McLean Dermatology Center.

Embellished Pearl Headband: I’m obsessed with the pearl trend right now and this ivory headband goes with everything. I leave it in my bag because you never know when your hair is going to need an update during a hectic day. Find this headband and other crush-worthy accessories at Salon deZEN.

H & M Sunglasses: Even when there is no sun, I wear sunglasses when outside. It is so important to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light . Not only do sunglasses help prevent sun damage to your eyes, but they also protect your eyes from premature wrinkles.

Pearl Hair Clips: Like I said, I love the current pearl trend and these multi-strand pearl clips do not disappoint. After a long day, I like to pull my hair back and these create a romantic statement in my locks. I truly love adding accessories to my hair to embellish a look. Find lots of pearl options at Salon deZEN.

Purple Heart Stone: I love to carry something in my bag that is healing. This heart fits perfectly in my hand and gives a cooling sensation. Purple represents spirituality, creativity, , devotion, peace, pride, independence, and magic. To me, it also represents my best friend’s Mom who passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Apple IPhone: As with just about everyone, my bag is also a home to a smartphone. Mine is embellished with a butterfly PopSocket and Salon deZEN decals. Butterflies represent change, hope, and life. Whereas ZEN represents a calming peace within one’s self. I love blending these two symbols together.

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