Relieve Holiday Anxiety with CBD

Relieve Holiday Anxiety with CBD

Story by Jeanette Wages

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The holiday season can bring joy and excitement, but it can also bring stress and anxiety. For some, this time of year is a reminder of those who are no longer with us, family arguments that never seem to go away, stress over finances or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) from the darker days. This year, even more anxiety is brought on from feelings of isolation or uncertainty over the future. There is no reason to suck it up and suffer through without help!

The Holiday Blues

Holiday depression is considered situational depression. Social anxiety, lack of enjoyment of holiday activities, difficulties sleeping, trouble with focusing and feelings of apathy are all common symptoms of holiday depression. Studies show CBD can help with some of the more severe symptoms by working with the body’s human endocannabinoid system (ECS) by managing blood flow to parts of the brain associated with these conditions. Broad Spectrum Water Soluble 30 mg/ml Neuro can be added to your beverage daily to help you get back to feeling like yourself.

Sleep and Seasonal Affective Disorder

With the shorter amounts of daylight and so many things going on in the world, sleep can be effected and cause even more problems with fatigue. Managing sleep schedules and making sure you get an adequate amount of sleep helps mitigate symptoms of SAD and holiday depression. CBD can have a calming effect, allowing one to turn their mind off and get adequate sleep. Full or Broad Spectrum CBN+ Tincture helps calm your mind and body to drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Meditate for Zen

Taking the time to be mindful and taking time for self-care are important year round, but especially during the holiday season when life can be focused on gift giving and entertaining. Finding your routine and putting time in your schedule to focus on relaxation can be a sanity saver. CBD can be a very effective tool in helping one stay focused while engaging in relaxation techniques—such as meditation, yoga or exercise. Try adding Simple Honey 100mg to your pre-zen tea and kick start your balance.

Time to Celebrate

CBD can also help bring joy to your holiday parties. When attending holiday events, CBD can be invaluable in helping one stay calm while attending stressful holiday parties. Also, adding CBD to an alcoholic drink or consuming a CBD-infused beverage in lieu of a cocktail can prevent one from consuming too much alcohol. Furthermore, anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that consuming CBD with alcohol can reduce hangovers! Full Spectrum Cinnamon 500 can help spice up your holiday cocktail or mocktail—there are also a variety of other flavors for you to try!

Don’t Forget the Pets

With more people in the house and more commotion, pets can easily get stressed, too. Bacon and cheese strips for your dogs and cat treats for your cats will keep your fur family happy and carefree, while enjoying quality time with your human loved ones.


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