New Year. New You. Let's Row!

New Year. New You. Let's Row!

Sometimes finding the urge to work out can be draining. When you are going it alone at a gym, it can be easy to stop at 20 minutes when you promised yourself you would make it to 45.

At The Row House, Old Town Alexandria, working out feels a little different. In this fitness studio, rowing machines are set up 10 feet or more apart, each station has its own equipment—because sharing isn’t caring, these days—and 45 minutes whip by in a flash. After you’re finished, you realize you actually had fun and did something good for your body.

“Row House has brought the workout to life with a fun atmosphere. People always say erging is a slog when it's just you on the machine trying to pull out some cardio. When you're in a room with 10 people, all in swing, lights low, music blasting and a coach motivating you, the tone changes and suddenly 45 minutes go by in a flash,” says manager Cynthia Svendsen

The benefits of rowing—on the water or on a machine—are astronomical. It is a true, full body workout, incorporating both upper and lower body, as well as cardio and endurance benefits, with little or no impact for those who cannot handle weight bearing activities.

At The Row House, they take it up a notch by breaking up your rowing time with some off-machine activities, including stretches and other strength building exercises, with the option to modify the workout for your body. Making sure everyone feels comfortable, welcome and like they are doing what is right for their body, there are workouts for every fitness level—from experienced rowers to people who have been stuck at a desk—or on their couch—since March. Rowing becomes a group activity where you can work at your own pace.

For those looking for fun and unique holiday party ideas or team building events, The Row House will be renting out space for private parties of up to 10 people, with snacks and drinks provided after the session. Row for a Cause is also a fun way to raise money this season and all year long, with donation based classes where proceeds go to the charity chosen for each event. If you’re kick-starting your new years resolutions, or if you have a friend looking to start theirs, gift cards and memberships are also available.

Catch. Push. Pull. Let’s Row!


917 N St Asaph St, Alexandria, VA 22314 • (703) 935-4500

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