Red Ladies 2023 | Jenna Perkins

Red Ladies 2023 | Jenna Perkins

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

In her work as the founder of DiscovHER Health, Jenna Perkins, RN, WHNP-BC, uses her expertise as a board-certified Women’s Health and Gender-Related Nurse Practitioner to provide the women of Alexandria with a wellness destination where they can be treated for complex urogynecology and aesthetic concerns.


A wife and mother of two toddlers, Perkins has a hectic home life, but is determined to make an impact on women’s health and change the narrative. “Outside of treating women and providing services for women's health, I also provide and participate in educational opportunities,” she says. “I’ll create and participate in events to educate women about health concerns they are not comfortable talking about with anyone [else]. I feel an onus to share my knowledge to help anyone who identifies as a woman to help themselves.” She also holds the proud distinction of being the first person in her family to become college educated and boasts two Ivy League degrees.

“Heart health is especially important to me as a clinician who treats women, because heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. Black women are especially at risk of dying from heart disease. As a Black woman and clinician, it is essential to my life's work to reduce the suffering of my clients, sisters and family members because of heart disease.” - Jenna Perkins

“I’m a brave woman, and believe in leading by example, and my hope is that I make it contagious,” says Perkins. “I want others to watch me grind and persist to achieve my vision and believe they can do the same. Stepping outside of traditional and ‘safe’ roles to start your own business is not [an] easy or a well-paved path—and it’s one that I’m proud of having taken. I want to continue to push myself, believe in myself and to listen and trust my instincts. It empowers me and I want to live this way in all aspects of my life and leave that example to my children and to other women around me.”



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