Red Ladies 2023 | Kristin Shultz

Red Ladies 2023 | Kristin Shultz

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

“People helping people” is a philosophy by which credit unions operate—and, fittingly enough for CEO and president of Spectra Credit Union Kristin Shultz, that is the ethos by which she lives. “It’s one of the reasons I was drawn to work in credit unions,” she says. “On a personal level, community involvement and volunteerism are in my core. Throughout the years, I have volunteered as an EMT and treasurer for a volunteer fire department, served as the treasurer for an animal welfare organization and I currently serve as the president of my local faith-based organization. At work and at home, it is my honor to share my time and talents with others who can benefit.”


A wife of 25 years and mother to a 20-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son, Shultz is incredibly proud of the family she and her husband have raised. In her own right, she takes pride in her work as the president and CEO of Spectra in helping to improve the financial lives of members as well as that of the community. “I passionately believe that we are making a positive difference in our world,” she says. “I also believe I have made my mark on the world through my genuine interest and investment in others. It is my hope that I leave every person I encounter better off than when we met, either through coaching, mentoring, listening, supporting, helping or just being empathetic and kind. Everyone has a story. Once someone feels comfortable enough to tell you theirs, growth happens for both people.”

“Most people don’t realize that heart disease is the number one cause of death among women, more than all cancers combined. But from what I’ve learned, as many as 80 percent of cases could be prevented through education and action. I care about us all living longer, active, heart-healthy lives.” - Kristin Shultz

Like most of us, Shultz strives to achieve a balance of work and home commitments. “We try to ensure that our family has as much quality time together as possible,” she says. “Professionally, I never want to stop learning—and that requires a commitment of time.”




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