Private Chef: Melvin Urrutia

Private Chef: Melvin Urrutia

Story by Jeanette Wages

Photography Courtesy of Chef Melvin Urrutia

For those who have been around Alexandria’s food scene, there is no doubt you have heard of Chef Melvin Urrutia or at least tried his food as Chef di Cuisine at The Oval Room (DC), Bastille, Osteria Da Nino, The People’s Drug, or currently at The Handover. Now our dreams of having a chef in our homes to feed us and end the age old dilemma of going out or staying in is a reality with CocoLoco Private Chef Services by Chef Melvin Urrutia.

The priceless service begins the day you book your event. Chef Melvin learns about you and the atmosphere you are trying to create. Is this a family dinner, business meeting or gathering of friends? Are you wanting to be involved in the kitchen for a Chef’s table interactive experience or would you prefer to spend the whole evening with your guest with the food magically appearing from the kitchen? “Some people love being a part of cooking, it feels cool to be in there with a chef.” Creating a menu for a private dining experience is an intense passion for Chef Melvin, as he makes each meal catered to the taste of the guest while still bringing in an upscale, sophisticated appeal to the experience. With a background in Italian, French, traditional American, Central American and as a Master Sushi Chef there is literally something for everyone when bringing in his services. “Sometimes people just want Mac & Cheese, and I’m completely fine with that. The whole idea behind this is to make your event or whatever that may be unforgettable memories and not really about me” Urrutia says as describing how menus come together.

Day of your meal, Chef Melvin takes care of all the grocery shopping that is needed whether it is at the farmer’s market or some of the freshest, sustainable stores around the area. Coming into your home, he preps, cooks, serves, and leaves your kitchen spotless. You can either sit back and relax, enjoy the show or get involved, because this dining experience is literally all about you!


For more information on Chef CocoLoco, you can visit his new Facebook page here.

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