Let's Get Fit! A Q+A w/ Ann Pham on Virtual Home Workouts

Let's Get Fit! A Q+A w/ Ann Pham on Virtual Home Workouts

Photography by Magdalena Papaioannou

Q: What was the vision behindGet Fit Studio?

A: The evolution to the Get Fit we know today came very naturally. In the beginning, we started off leasing space around Alexandria and Arlington to accommodate personal training clients. As our following grew, we decided to develop free group training several times a week as a way for all clients to meet and bond. Eventually, those gatherings were opened up to the public and the demand grew from there. The mission of Get Fit has always been to create a sense of support and togetherness through fitness.

Q: When the COVID-19 pandemic began how did you switch gears at Get Fit?

A: At the start of the spread, we immediately cut our already small group sizes down further to allow for more distance between members during workouts. But we quickly realized that this wouldn't work to stop the spread. Over the next week, we started offering all of our services online and temporarily paused in-studio classes. Many clients immediately jumped at the idea and embraced virtual training as a way to deal with stress and to maintain some sense of normalcy and connection.

Q: What can one expect from a Virtual Training session?

A: We work just as hard to ensure our clients get the same quality training they've become accustomed to in-studio. All class programs are still written on a daily basis by our trainers and personal training is still custom designed specifically for the client. We give even more modifications depending on the clients' abilities, environment and access to equipment.

Q: Will you continue offering Virtual Training when the studio is able to reopen?

A: Virtual Personal Training was something we have always offered as an option but prior to this madness, the majority of our clients always enjoyed coming in and seeing us and the rest of their fitfam. Virtual Group Sessions are here to stay now too!

Q: What is the difference between Virtual Training and in-studio sessions?

A: The one advantage to Virtual Training is the convenience of not having to leave your house. But for some that might be a con because people often need the change of scenery; clients have been mitigating this by taking their laptops and sessions outdoors. Depending on your fitness goal, a con could be the lack of access to heavy strength equipment. However, that doesn't mean that virtual training isn't optimal or effective. More repetition, stress and intensity is also great for building strength when you can't lift heavy from the comfort of your apartment.

Q: What's been your favorite thing about spending more time at home?

A: Being a husband and wife team, quite often our family time outside of the business has taken a back seat. Being forced to close the studio has given us a brief pause and allowed us to spend more one on one time with our daughter. This is especially important since baby number 2 is on the way!



Get Fit Studio is located at 277 S Washington St STE 120, Alexandria, VA 22314. You can schedule your tour by emailing them here. For a list of their *VIRTUAL ONLY* pricing, please click here.

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