Most Interesting Men of 2023: CJ Wesby + Fritter


Each year, VIP Alexandria Magazine accepts nominations and selects the newest class of Most Interesting Men. This year, VIP partnered with The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. Each "gentleman" was photographed with an adoptable dog seeking its forever home. We are proud to announce that all dogs featured in VIP have been adopted. Special thank you to our 2023 class of Most Interesting Men for helping us support this amazing charity!

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photography by JONATHAN THORPE | Benefitting the ANIMAL WELFARE LEAUGE OF ALEXANDRIA | Sponsored by TING

Since childhood, staying in pique physical condition has been important to CJ Wesby. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, coaches and trainers helped him improve every aspect of his life. The desire to do the same led him to the fitness industry. Now, Wesby is the owner of Foundation Fitness, with training studios in four locations.


When he’s not at work, Wesby’s greatest passion is his involvement with the Boys & Girls Club at the Dunbar/Alexandria location, where he currently serves as the board president. “I love helping kids develop and brighten their futures,” he says. Being community and service-minded, in fact, is what Wesby believes to be his best quality. “I’m always willing to help others in need.”

In his downtime, Wesby is an amateur photographer with a great eye for the perfect shot. As talented as he is, however, if he were to change courses in his career, it wouldn’t be to pick up a camera. As one might suspect from knowing him, he’d prefer something a little more impactful. “If I did anything else but what I do now, I’d love to be working with Habitat for Humanity,” he says. “Everyone deserves to have a decent place to live.”

Wesby has lived in Alexandria since 2018, after coming to the area to help staff a national fitness company. “Circumstances eventually led me to Foundation Fitness in 2014 and I have been with them ever since,” he says. “This is where my passion lives.”

Wesby also prides himself in his openness to new things. As Wesby notes, “I’ll try anything once.” Just what that means is open to interpretation.

If he could choose his life's theme song...

"'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong. The world is truly a wonderful place, if we take the time to look for the true beauty and compassion in humanity. There are wonders all around us." - CJ Wesby

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