Most Interesting Men of 2023: Aung Pyae Sone 'Kelvin' + Bebe


Each year, VIP Alexandria Magazine accepts nominations and selects the newest class of Most Interesting Men. This year, VIP partnered with The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. Each "gentleman" was photographed with an adoptable dog seeking its forever home. We are proud to announce that all dogs featured in VIP have been adopted. Special thank you to our 2023 class of Most Interesting Men for helping us support this amazing charity!

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photography by JONATHAN THORPE | Benefitting the ANIMAL WELFARE LEAUGE OF ALEXANDRIA | Sponsored by TING

Whether he’s constructing a unique dish or using his understanding of flavors to mix an incredible drink, Zuki Moon mixologist Aung Pyae Sone—or “Kelvin,” as he’s more commonly known to friends and regulars at the restaurant—is tapping into his innate creativity and desire to make something unforgettable. “I am truly grateful and happy that I am able to connect and give people awe-inspiring experiences while mastering my crafts,” he says.


For Kelvin, life “off the clock” looks much like his time at work, as his passion for cooking and mixing drinks began early and has never waned. “I’ve always hoped to have my own business in the future, so I keep polishing my skills and making new connections,” he notes.
Originally from Yangon, Myanmar, Kelvin came to Chico, California, in pursuit of education. Life took him to New York and then to his first service industry job in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After a couple of months, he moved to DC to train to become a sushi chef and eventually found his way to KaiZen Tavern (now Zuki Moon) in Alexandria, where he later became head sushi chef. “From there, I kept making a lot of connections with so many awesome and talented individuals,” he says.
Someone who stays cool under pressure, it’s little wonder that navigating a new country alone did nothing to dampen Kelvin’s determination to succeed. “I took a train alone when I left California and it took me almost five days to get to New York,” he says. “It was a bizarre experience for me. I met many kinds of people and I had a lot of fun on the train. We had so many stops and I was able to see so many cities along the way. It is still worth so much to me.


"I really miss ’90s grunge fashion. I love the jean jackets and bombers and collecting lots of pins and patches to put them on the back." - Kelvin


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