KH Giving Expands and Announces Partnership with VIP Alexandria Magazine

KH Giving Expands and Announces Partnership with VIP Alexandria Magazine

KH Giving Announces Philanthropic Expansion

Small businesses to see relief with support of KH Giving Experience Alexandria programs.

Alexandria, VA— September 9, 2020 Today in partnership with VIP Alexandria Magazine, KH Giving announced the expansion of their programs to include Experiences which will support charities, small businesses and restaurants in Alexandria, VA along with bringing world-class, virtual entertainment in real time into the homes of local participants.

“Through the summer, we’ve partnered with amazing Alexandria businesses such as Hops N Shine, MAS Seafood and Mia’s Italian Kitchen to produce what we know is a model that will support our community through the winter months ahead.” said Mary K Leonard, CEO of KH Giving. “The programs we’ve developed allow participants to deviate from what we now live as the everyday 2020 mundane while allowing for safe social distancing practices. We were thrilled to have Sinbad virtually join us in one of our first events to entertain and interact with our small group of six while they were having a catered dinner on Tall Ship Providence.”

Additional big-name and well-known celebrities have already committed to KH Giving experiences and will be announced and premiered through VIP Alexandria Magazine over the coming months.

Stopping The Coronavirus Pandemic

As August 31, 2020 all proceeds from KH Giving programs have gone to create living-wage jobs, support local businesses and to provide direct financial assistance to charities in significant need. Many in the high-risk population of Alexandria, VA continue to benefit from the donation and distribution of thousands of KH Giving’s Mission Masks through organizations such as United Community, ALIVE!, and Casa Chirilagua. VIP Alexandria Magazine Partnership

To continue their joint support of local businesses, restaurants, and charities, KH Giving and VIP Alexandria Magazine will be partnered through Election Day 2020 to bring KH Giving Experiences to life and into the DC Metro area. Through this giveaway, KG Giving is expanding their work of assisting small businesses during one of the most financially challenging times our country is facing in modern history.


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