Kelly Grant

Kelly Grant

Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

Collaboration is at the forefront of ALX Community, the co-working space located in Old Town and founded by its CEO Kelly Grant. “Shared office space has been around for a while, but adding a community and collaboration aspect only began taking off in 2005. We’re proud to expand on the original coworking mission to not only cultivate community within Alexandria but also outside our membership, feeding into our social mission to serve the metro area that we love.”

An added bonus, Kelly says, is affordability. Some members see a 50% decrease in rent and 70% decrease in non-rent related expenses, including internet connections and cleaning fees. The real goal, she says, was to offer members the opportunity to thrive in a beautifully designed work environment. “ALX Community members collaborate, work together, have the opportunity to learn through our TALX series and partnerships and also give back to the community and city.”

As an active volunteer in the community, Kelly coordinated the Alexandria Drive-In, a family-friendly, socially distanced event with proceeds funding mammogram services, scholarships, and STEM programs for young girls. Through ALX Community, she is partnered with local women’s organizations, including Together We Bake, Jireh’s Place, and the National Breast Center Foundation. Kelly also organized the Ruth Bader Ginsburg memorial service and emphasizes the importance of the Justice’s legacy.

“She represented the best in us. Regardless of political affiliation, we all have a chance to be brave, have the opportunity to actively listen to others, even when we don’t agree, stand up for what we believe, and use our lives to serve those who are less fortunate.” Serving on the board of ACT for Alexandria, again, demonstrates giving back is a mission to which the busy entrepreneur is devoted. “I am so proud of the work we’ve done to support Alexandria non-profits with record-breaking Spring2Action giving days, as well as the ACT Now COVID-19 relief fundraised in 2020, and ACT’s work combating racism and promoting racial equity is so important.”

'...our communities are healthier and happier when we all do our part to uplift and support each other. Now more than ever before, community matters.”

Additionally, Kelly understands the importance of heart health awareness. “One of the hardest days I have ever experienced was when I received the call that my Mom had a heart attack and was in critical condition. Knowing that many generations of amazing women in my family have been lost to heart disease made this news even more frightening. I am blessed that my Mom not only survived but is thriving; this is not the case for so many others. I find that I live my best life when I am living true to my personal values. That is why focusing my talent and energies on helping our community is such a priority for me. Whether it is heart health, breast cancer awareness, or amplifying the quiet-but-important voices around me, our communities are healthier and happier when we all do our part to uplift and support each other. Now more than ever before, community matters.”


Join Kelly in her mission to Go Red for Women by making a donation in her name to the Go Red for Women campaign.

Join the movement. Raise awareness. Go red.

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