Julie Socher Boudoir Photography

Julie Socher Boudoir Photography

By definition, boudoir photography is an intimate form of professional photography featuring the subject in various forms of undress; most commonly in lingerie. For women especially, it is an empowering experience, one that gives them a greater sense of confidence in their bodies. It’s also a great way to awaken inner sensuality and remind someone just how sexy they can be. As a photographer specializing in the niche genre of boudoir photography, Julie Socher has seen the transformative effect it can have on her clients and she’s deeply honored to be part of their journey. “We live in a world where women are constantly comparing their own bodies and self-worth to others and there's a feeling of never being enough,” she says. “My work is about reconnecting women to their internal energy and promoting their confidence, worthiness and identity in the most feminine way. When you're able to set yourself free from your own negative self-perceptions, there's a new-found assurance that trickles down in all areas of your own life and not just your relationship with your body.”

Establishing Julie Socher Photography, LLC, in 2010, Socher found her true passion after her first session in boudoir photography made her realize the impact it could make on someone’s life. “When I saw such a positive emotional reaction from my first client to her photos, it was then that I realized just how transformative and healing it can be for women.”

More than just a photo session, Socher makes it an entire experience, which puts her clients at ease. “My studio is a full-service luxury studio,” she says. “I meet all my clients before they book via Zoom or a phone call and I guide them through the entire experience, from what to expect to what to wear. During the ordering process, we go through each image and design the album or photo product of their choice. We customize the experience for each client, whether you're a bride creating the most epic gift for your fiancé, a mom honoring her body post-baby or the milestone celebrator from birthdays to health wins and challenging triumphs. I also guide my clients with very detailed pose coaching into all the looks throughout the session.”

For more information, visit juliesocherboudoir.com.

Story by -Liesel Schmidt

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