Tucked within Hotel Indigo, Hummingbird was launched in 2017 through the combined efforts of award-winning Chef Cathal Armstrong and Meshelle Armstrong of Restaurant Eve fame. As the masterminds behind the Eat Good Food Group, the duo’s dynamic created something special, and Hummingbird has become a culinary gem in Alexandria’s crown.

Focused on American coastal cuisine, Hummingbird offers a menu that beautifully showcases seafood presented in elegantly conceptualized dishes. “Our intention was to present an energetic bar and kitchen inspired by the American spirit of cherished traditions: clambakes and crab boils, fish fries and oyster roasts,” says Meshelle. “Our menu follows the rhythm of the seasons and celebrates the seafood pride of our favorite coastal waters.”

Even in the midst of construction, Meshelle saw the potential as an event venue in the airy and light-filled space—especially when it came to hosting weddings. Designed to mimic the colors of coastal blue waters, the interior is, indeed, perfect—and Armstrong capitalized on those hues with a tagline: “’We have the something blue covered!' Brides love it, and one even made her wedding shoes blue!” Armstrong notes.

Giving even greater strength to their events side, GM of Hummingbird Kenneth Petty brings 23 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a deepening love of the event and wedding planning niche. Using his expertise, Petty focuses on personalizing each event towards the couple, seamlessly coordinating and creating simple yet chic experiences using the influences of nature and the environment. “Our hope is to provide intimate occasions for our special guests,” says Meshelle.

“There is no more joyous an honor than to be entrusted with planning weddings for our couples, to create memories for them,” Petty adds. “Every guest, every event, every experience and every moment is unique and special, which is what keeps it exciting and fulfilling. The goal at Hummingbird is to design a personalized experience where couples enjoy the planning process as much as the evening of the celebration. Also, I just love decorating the cakes and planning an amazing party

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Story by - Liesel Schmidt

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