Alexandria businesses are making eyes POP this season!

Alexandria businesses are making eyes POP this season!

Story by Liesel Schmidt

There’s a saying that eyes are the windows to your soul, and there’s no day more important than your wedding to show what’s in your heart. So the eyes? Those need to dazzle—both for your intended as well as for those wedding pics that will last forever. Thankfully, we’ve got some experts on-hand to give us some inside tips on how to make sure your eyes are as sparklingly stunning as that dress you’re rocking.

Brows are one thing that sets the eyes off, and as queen of all things brow, Simone Fennell of Good Brows believes that brows should get their fair share of attention before the big day. “Grow your brows out for four to six weeks prior to your appointment with a brow artist to give them plenty of hair to work with,' she advises. “Then, have your brows shaped two weeks prior to your wedding date. This ensures that, if you have a skin reaction, you'll have enough time for your skin to clear up before your big day. Finally, during your makeup trial, bring pictures of how you want your brows to look so your makeup artist can have a visual understanding of what you want.”

A visual and master brow artist, Fennell has over 11 years of experience in the industry, opening Good Brows to the community of Old Town Alexandria in 2018. “Brows are approached as artwork at Good Brows, and every client leaves with a beautiful piece of original art on their brows,” she says. Good Brows specializes in permanent makeup services (powder ombre brow tattoo), professional brow wax and permanent makeup training.

For Zhibek “Jiba” Elemanova of DMV Beauty Clinic, eyes are incredibly important to highlight—so much so that she’s built a company around them. “The best way to make your eyes stand out on your wedding day is to look natural,” she says. “Permanent makeup is one way to achieve that since regular makeup can wear off throughout the course of your day, while permanent makeup does not. Darker, fuller brows make eyes stand out with a combination of lash lift or classic lash extensions—which will also give you a youthful look.”

Since March of 2020, DMV Beauty Clinic specializes in upscale beauty treatments including permanent makeup, lash lifts, brow lamination, microblading, brow architecture and lashes in addition to being the only business in Old Town Alexandria providing the Aquarelle lip blushing procedure to give lips a natural pink color and refined shape. “We are all about high-quality standards and offering innovative techniques that provide better results for our clients,” says Elemanova. “We highly customize everything we do for each client based on their desires and unique features.”

Owner of Wink Lash Art, Bianca Briscan naturally sees the importance of eyes looking their best on your wedding day. For Briscan, lashes are the best way to achieve a look you’ll love. “Eyelash extensions offer a natural, but glamourous and gorgeous look that enhances the eyes' natural features and wonder,” she says. “Mascara runs, smears and smudges—especially on white napkins, white sleeves and, of course, on your beautiful white wedding gown. A great solution is natural-looking eyelash extensions that make your eyes look big, bold, bright and amazing! Lash extensions frame your eyes, enhancing them even more and making them gorgeous. What better time for bigger and brighter eyes than on your wedding day?”

Boasting a beautician’s license acquired in Italy, Briscan was inspired by the art around her, taking that love of art and creativity to launch Wink Lash Art. Offering products imported from Europe and an uncompromising standard of excellence, Wink is a collaborative team in constant evolution with over 65 years of collective talent and management. “We care about our guests from start to finish and always go beyond expectations,” says Briscan. “Eye treatments are unique to each client, and we ensure that uniqueness is recognized each time you return to Wink Lash Art. Our guests’ experiences with us are special.”

As you plan your big day, make sure you give your eyes the attention they deserve—you’ll love what you see, and those eyes will make you sparkle even more than you already do.

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