How To Tie-Dye With Kids

How To Tie-Dye With Kids

We recently visited (virtually, of course) with Bishop Boutique's owner, Kelly Ferenc, on VIPtv. We had a great time diving into all things spring fashion, and we learned that tie-dye is definitely trending this season! We love this French Connection Tie-Dye Skirt that Kelly introduced us to. It's available online at

Our conversation with Kelly, and this beautiful skirt, found us reminiscing about our own childhoods and designing our own tie-dye fashions with just a white t-shirt, a few buckets of dye and a pile of rubber bands. With all of this extra family time we now have available to us, maybe it's time we introduce our children to the world of tie-dye as well!

You can watch Kelly's full interview here.

And so, as promised, here is your exclusive guide to tie-dying with kids -- minus the mess and need for rubber gloves (which are currently sold out everywhere).


• A white piece of clothing you want to tie-dye. We recommend t-shirts, maxi skirts, socks and sheets

• Various Colors of Fabric Dye

• Rubber Bands

• Squeeze Bottles (We love these bad boys from Amazon Prime, which also make great containers for making your own hand sanitizer!)

• Foil Pan or Foam Plate


Lay the piece of clothing you want to tie-dye on a foil pan and begin to twist it. Secure with rubber bands. Prepare the squeeze bottles of color per the dye box's instructions. Squeeze the dye onto the clothing. (Remember: A lot goes a long way!)

Once your are done, rinse the clothing under a faucet HOT water until the water runs clear. Then, untie the rubber bands and wash your projects in the washing machine on the HOTTEST CYCLE possible. Dry.

Rock out your new Spring Fashion!


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