6 Zoom Parties To Throw During Social Distancing

6 Zoom Parties To Throw During Social Distancing

Here at VIP Alexandria Magazine, we are all about events and parties! Before COVID-19 reached our dooresteps, if there was a social gathering in Alexandria... we were there. So you can imagine how disheartening it has been to watch event after event cancel over the past several weeks. And we know it's not just us. If you're reading this, you are feeling the hurt too!

The silver lining is that we are living in a remarkable technological age. Our friends are available at our fingertips and we don't have to wait to see a loved one's face when we need a little support. Virtual gatherings are now possible and needed more than ever. These are our favorite ways to use Zoom during social distancing!

1. Plan a Mother's Day Brunch

If you are separated from mom this year, surprise her with an invitation to a ZOOM Mother's Day Brunch. You can even support a local eatery by having everything delivered to her (don't forget the mimosas). Prepare in advance by asking the kids to make cards or prepare songs, skits or comedy routines for Grandma. Then, show her the virtual love!

2. Game Night

Get together with a few friends and plan a virtual game night. There are thousands of multiplayer apps available on your mobile device. Be sure not to skip the snacks! The best part: There won't be anyone there to double dip in your salsa. Let the games begin!

3. Cooking & Cocktails

Have you always wondered how your best friend makes her famous pimento cheese dip? Are you everyone's favorite mixologist? Now is the time to learn from others and show off you own tricks! Work with friends to plan the menu and make sure everyone has what they need in advance. Then, setup your laptop or tablet on the counter. Chat. Cook. Sip. Sounds like a pretty great night in to us!

4. Karaoke Night

Place a to-go order from your favorite local distillery and search for the perfect song (most popular songs have karaoke versions available on YouTube!) Join family or friends on Zoom and take turns making fools of yourselves. Just be careful that no one records your hilarious shenanigans! You never know where they may pop-up later!

5. Coronaween

Dig out those Halloween bins and have fun letting the kids plan their costumes! Schedule a virtual Coronaween Party with their cousins or friends. They can tell scary stories, do Halloween themed crafts or have a dance party to spooky music. When it's time to say goodbye, coerce the kids to bed with a campout in the living room!

6. Murder Mystery Party

We are completely obsessed with Red Herring Games! They now offer virtual Murder Mystery Dinners for 6-20 players. Simply download the app, choose your game, invite friends & host your digital party. The character profile that you will receive by email in advance will help you choose your attire (and accent) for the evening. Despite social distancing... the show must go on!

Be sure to let us know about YOUR next ZOOM party! Tag us using @vipalxmag on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and you could see your party in the next issue of VIP Alexandria Magazine!

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