Alexandria's Most Interesting Men; John Taylor

Alexandria's Most Interesting Men; John Taylor

John Taylor

-Liesel Schmidt

The General Manager of Alexandria Toyota, John Taylor, has been in the dealership industry since his teens, becoming part of the family business that really seems to be in his blood. It stands to reason, then, that loyalty is one of his personal strengths—loyalty to family, to friends, and to his company.

A native Alexandrian, Taylor attended Christopher Newport and then lived in Greenville, North Carolina for a few years before moving back to his hometown. In his youth, Taylor was an avid skateboarder. And though he may no longer be able to pop an Ollie or a kickflip, he’s still an adventurous soul—something that comes out when he’s doing what he loves best: saltwater fishing. “I love both off-shore and in-shore fishing, and I spend a lot of time on the water and on boats,” says 32-year-old Taylor, who once had a 700-pound marlin on his line—though he wasn’t able to reel it in. Favorite fishing spots include the Chesapeake Bay; Florida; and Ocean City, Maryland. He also loves just spending time along the Alexandria waterfront. “I love what the city has done with the waterfront—all the businesses and restaurants that have come over the past few years. It’s amazing to see.”

Taylor is also active in several non-profits including the Scholarship Funds of Alexandria, Friends of Guest House, and Firefighters and Friends to the Rescue.

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