Alexandria's Most Interesting Men; Glynn Jones

Alexandria's Most Interesting Men; Glynn Jones

Glynn Jones

-Liesel Schmidt

Born in Manchester, England, Glynn Jones has come a long way—both literally and figuratively—from his roots. The only son of a coal miner who wanted him to follow in his footsteps, Jones followed his own dreams and made a name for himself in the salon industry, going on to found Glynn Jones Salon.

As the owner and creative director of the salon, Jones has done amazing things and been to incredible places—among them, fashion weeks worldwide. All that success, however, has never overshadowed his humility. “One of my biggest strengths is staying humble and mentoring my young assistants,” says the 56-year-old. “Sharing my skills with them and nurturing them as they start out on their journey in the hair industry is something that I love doing. It’s amazing to see them grow from nervous assistants to confident, well-skilled stylists.”

And while he considers being 'absolutely fabulous' one of his many talents and hobbies, Jones also loves photography and is frequently a part of the editorial process for magazines. He’s currently in the process of renovating the home that he shares with his husband of five years in Capitol Hill.

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