Words Over Weapons: Torre Boyd / Master Plan Therapy

After serving eight years in the Army Reserves, Torre Boyd knew that she was meant for another kind of service—one that used words, rather than weapons.

“I've always known that private practice would be something that I would do,” she says. “I wanted to create a space for people to express themselves, grow and work through patterns that no longer serve them. Also, as a veteran[-owned] and minority woman-owned business, I wanted to show people that there are providers that look like them and that therapists are humans as well. There is this misconception that therapists are older white men or women and opening my practice showed others that therapy isn't monolithic.”

Counseling is deeply rooted in her and it served her well during her time in the Reserves. “My proudest accomplishment in the service was mentoring and providing guidance and leadership for future soldiers to excel in the Army as well as in life,” Boyd notes.

While a career in the Army was never her goal, Boyd’s time in the Reserves is something she considers invaluable. “I had been involved with JROTC throughout school and excelled at the program,” she says. “I was also aware of how joining could provide me with tools that would be useful throughout my life in addition to providing me with an opportunity to create and nurture lifetime friendships. I've had family that served and knew that was a path I was interested in pursuing. My time in the military prepared me to be a business owner by throwing curveballs my way and allowing me to figure out how to overcome those challenges. It also allowed me to meet people from all different types of backgrounds and life experiences and to be able to learn from them.”

After becoming a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Virginia and Texas, Boyd launched Master Plan Therapy in August of 2020, creating a telehealth practice that caters to working professionals and entrepreneurs. “I help high achievers to trade in their checklist of perfectionism for life satisfaction,” she explains. “We have been able to serve people in a multitude of ways, from serving the LGBTQIA+ community and providing presentations on mental health to working with other organizations and businesses to de-stigmatize mental health in the community and in the workforce.”

Master Plan Therapy