Restaurant Review: Donahue is an Astonishing Addition to Georgetown

Story by Wesley Jefferies

We ventured slightly out of Northern Virginia for this astonishing addition to the Georgetown neighborhood. Founded and operated by Italian-born restauranteur Luca Giovannini, Donahue’s is a chic and elegant cocktail lounge providing a refreshing and sophisticated alternative to the noisy student-frequented bars and the staid restaurants of Georgetown. Amid soothing colors and stylish decor, Donahue’s serves a creative selection of cocktails for discriminating and demanding palates perfectly paired with a seafood-focused menu of hors d’oeuvres and entrees boasting a cornucopia of subtle and complex flavors that will leave one’s taste buds both satisfied and stupefied.

Highly recommended is their stunning botanical gin and tonic infused with citrus and rosemary. Pair this with their show-stopping sea bass ceviche served with aji spice and leche de tigre.


1338 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC