Publisher's Letter / Kellie Gunderman / February 2022

Kellie Gunderman, Publisher of VIP Alexandria Magazine | Photo by Jonathan Thorpe

As 2022 kicks into gear, we’re excited to bring you an issue filled with articles to touch your heart—after all, this is February, the month of love, heart health and Black history. Celebrate with us as we celebrate February with stories of incredible individuals, noteworthy events and even some great ideas for your heart—both the literal one and the figurative.

Alexandria is filled with some pretty amazing people, and we’re introducing you to some of the most inspiring women on our radar. Learn a little about what makes them so inspirational and why they, as women, feel strongly about heart health awareness and the American Heart Association’s GO RED campaign.

During Black history month, we encourage you to learn more about the history of this great country—and this city—and the many amazing Black men and women who left their mark on it. Here in Alexandria, we have memorialized two of those remarkable individuals, and we’ve brought you their story so that you can know more about their bravery.

Got a heart? We know you do—so we’re bringing you some fantastic (yet healthy) recipes from local chefs that will make your heart happy. And for the other heart, see our Valentine’s gift guide.

Check out local events that have been happening as well as some upcoming ones, including George Washington’s upcoming birthday celebration at Mount Vernon. You won’t want to miss it.

As always, thanks to our loyal readers. We couldn’t be us without you.