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Ice-skater (wikipedia) An ice-skater or ice-skater is a figure skater on an ice-covered outdoor skating rink. They often wear figure-skating suits, or figure-skating clothing. They may use skates, skates or an ice skates, and they are permitted to stand on the ice, with their feet on the floor. They usually move on two or four skates. Ice-skating is a popular winter sport. Leopard (wikipedia) The Leopard is a wild cat that has been well adapted to life in the wild. The name, "leopard", is said to derive from the Persian word 'lūb' which means "ring". Level (wikipedia) When someone is leveling something, such as someone who is making a table, they are making the surface smooth and even by flattening it with their hands, moving it into the desired shape, and smoothing it with a smoothing plane or other smoothing tool. Lion (wikipedia) The lion is a large cat of the family Felidae. The male lion typically weighs and is tall at the shoulder, with a total length of, while the female, at tall, typically weighs and is long. Literary (wikipedia) A literary person is someone who writes or creates works of literature. The term has its origin in the Latin word 'litera', meaning "letters". Literary (wikipedia) A literary journal, or literary magazine, is a magazine containing non-fiction writing, poems, short stories, creative non-fiction, etc. It may also contain reviews, criticism, and interviews. It is not uncommon for literary magazines to contain original fiction. Literate (wikipedia) A literate person is someone who reads and writes well. Linen (wikipedia) A linen (plural linens) is a long, strong, flexible fabric made of linen, such as cotton or cotton-linen blends. Linseed (wikipedia) Linseed oil is a light to medium viscosity vegetable oil used for food and cosmetic products. Linsey (wikipedia) The Linsey, or Linsey-woolsey, is a short square woolen fabric with two rows of holes, so the fabric is normally waterproof. List (wikipedia) A list is a sequence of items arranged in some order or fashion. A list is generally ordered in the same manner as



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