Sue and Allison Goodhart: The Goodhart Group

Sue and Allison Goodhart: The Goodhart Group

-Liesel Schmidt

With a combined 44 years of experience between them, mother-and-daughter duo Sue and Allison Goodhart make a dynamic pair at the Goodhart Group, each bringing their strengths and passion to the table, surrounded by an outstanding team of seasoned agents and staff. For Allison, following her parents’ footsteps into the industry was somewhat of a happy accident. “I was just helping out after graduation to fill a vacancy on my parents’ team while I looked for a job,” Allison recalls. “I instantly fell in love with the marketing side of the real estate world and decided to stay a little longer than expected. Soon after, I decided I wanted to transition to become an agent and make it my career.”

Naturally, each woman has their niche. “I work with both buyers and sellers but spend most of my time with people who are selling their home,” says Sue. Adds Allison, “I love educating first-time buyers about the purchasing process and helping them identify the right place to live.”

For each, there are also unique rewards. “The ability for people to build wealth through owning their own home is incredibly satisfying to me,” says Sue. For Allison, fulfillment comes from “being a part of such a personal journey." She adds, "It is most people’s largest personal and financial decision, and I love helping them through that process."

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