Navigating Change: Lisa Anderson / Acupuncture Del Ray

As the owner of Acupuncture in Del Ray, Lisa Anderson helps her patients deal with imbalances and improve their health. Primarily, she works with women who are improving their fertility and those who have hormonal imbalances. “Acupuncture is for everyone,” she says. “I create customized treatment plans which include shifts in diet to support healing, herbs and, of course, acupuncture. I spend time educating patients on ways they can improve their own health at home.”

For Anderson, “home” is an interesting word. Married to an active Army Reservist for the past 13 years, life is an adventure, though she admits she didn’t know what to expect in the beginning. “You learn to get comfortable with not knowing what life has in store for you and become flexible about your plans because they will change often,” she says. “You also learn to ask for help often because your neighbors become like family. And you learn that the amazing bonds you make are for a lifetime. It has been an extremely rewarding experience meeting and connecting to so many families and supporting each other. I am constantly amazed at the warmth and kindness military families show each other, especially when you are new to an area.”

Stationed in New Mexico and Alabama before coming to Virginia, it was when they reached Alexandria that Anderson created her practice. Then, in 2016, they faced a move to Massachusetts, leaving Anderson with a decision. “I didn’t know how to keep the practice open and still support my family,” she recalls. “I knew it was an important move, and we needed to stay together under one roof, so I enlisted the help of a trusted colleague and found an employee and made it work. I put my patients in capable hands and created a whole new normal work schedule. I made it work, and the military has taught me not be afraid to change what 'successful' means to me.”

Now with one more move under her belt, Anderson and her family are back in Virginia. “I secretly love the moves because we get to go through our things, especially the kids, and donate and purge things all the time,” she says with a laugh. “Yes, it’s a hard part of life, but military spouses really have moving down to a science. I love to redecorate our homes and repurpose our treasured things. I always get excited learning a new city, and the kids get into it too. They always celebrate when I can find my way to the nearest grocery stores and parks without the GPS.” Acupuncture In Del Ray

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