Most Interesting Men of Alexandria: Tristan Wright

Story by Jeanette Wages

Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

Tristan Wright | Founder of Lost Boy Cider
Tristan Wright | Founder of Lost Boy Cider

Imagine one day you discover you have been slowly poisoning your body by ingesting something you’re allergic to on a regular basis. If you’ve experienced this then you and Tristan Wright have something in common.

In 2015, Tristan went into the hospital wondering how sick he really was. As it turns out, he had a severe gluten and soy allergy. While the diagnosis was better than many alternatives, it was still life changing.

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When realizing everything he would need to remove from his diet, whiskey and beer were at the top of the list.. Both were beverages he enjoyed in moderation, but saying goodbye to them would change his life.

After taking some time off of the social scene, which almost always involved libations, Tristan remembered a trip to Ireland and how much he enjoyed the ciders there. Tristan quickly began to study the art and science of the cider industry. He even obtained certificates from Cornell Viticulture Center and Oregon State University's Cider Production School, and Lost Boy Cider was born.


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