Junior Ninja Warrior

Story + Photography by Donovan Wilde

Urban Evolution recently opened their doors for proud parents and Junior Ninjas! Children, ages 6-14, had the opportunity to register for this competitive and exciting event to show off their best parkour skills by dodging and vaulting across obstacle courses that were inspired by television shows like "American Ninja Warrior." The competition was closely overseen by the professional and skilled staff of Urban Evolution. Family and friends in the loft above the course roared with encouragement and applause as each Junior Ninja attempted the course. Prizes were awarded to the athletes who showed the most skill, speed and attacked the course without fear or pause. Congratulations to all Junior Ninjas for a job well done!

Urban Evolution, located at 5505 Cherokee Ave., Alexandria VA 22312, offers Parkour classes for children and adults, as well as training in freerunning, aerial silks, adult gymnastics and general fitness through their program UrbanFit.