JTI Kids Triathalon

Story + Photography by Jeremiah "JD" Davis

Mollie Darby founded Just Tryan It in honor of her son Ryan, who was diagnosed with leukemia when he was just six years old. The nonprofit organization raises money to assist with the daily and financial struggles of children like Ryan living with cancer and the families that support them. “The emotional journey has been terrifying, and elating,” Darby said emotionally. “When you are diagnosed with cancer, your life and everyone else’s is turned upside down – everyone is affected. When you’re dealing with something like that, everything else falls away. Starting the events was a source of inspiration.’’

Alexandria’s recent Just Tryan It Triathlon featured cheering families, a DJ, face painting, and cupcakes. The event was a moving experience, and witnessing the determination in children so young was bolstering, even more so when considering the cause. With willpower and plans to expand, the organization is surely making a difference.