Italian Grand Prix Brunch + Viewing Party

Story + Photography by Jeremiah "JD" Davis

Osteria Marzano Italian restaurant in Alexandria recently hosted a car meet and Italian Grand Prix viewing party complete with breakfast menu items and a buffet. Marzano’s was the premiere destination to enjoy automotive camaraderie, Formula One racing, exotic cars, and an amazing breakfast. The car lineup consisted of sought-after and coveted exotics including the state-of-the-art Ferrari 488 Pista. There were also several other modern and classic Ferrari models including 458s, 360s and one 1992 Ferrari F40 – a modern classic that enthusiasts recognize as a legend. Among the Ferraris were other Italian makes and models including several Fiats.

The crowd cheered and roared in excitement throughout the race. Splitting focus between the race and the outstanding breakfast proved a difficult task for many. Osteria Marzano provided a truly memorable experience to the automotive enthusiasts.