Embrace Your Curls

Be honest, have you been straightening your curls or have you resorted to a relaxer? Both of these hair treatments are incredibly damaging to your hair. Instead, try embracing your natural curl and regaining your hair’s overall health. Voluminous curly locks are a complete show stopper, let them be the star! It’s time to bring your curls to life with “I Create Hold” by INNERSENSE. This magical product is a conditioning gel that will give your hair hold without drying out your curls. Finish off your curls with “I Create Volume” by INNERSENSE to create fullness, manageability, and expansion of your curls with added glorious shine. Zen Curl Expert, Lee Wilson, especially loves the INNERSENSE products for curly hair because “the products are so concentrated that you are getting the most of their quality ingredients.” A pro tip is to rub each product together in your hands to wake up the ingredients, then apply. Don’t you think it’s time to wake up you curls? Let the ZEN team get to know your curl pattern and what INNERSENSE products are best for the natural shape of your strands. See you soon!

Peace and ZEN,

Maria Elizabeth