ByAsa Photography

A professional photographer since 1998, Asa Orrin-Brown started his career mostly selling landscape and nature photography, though he was known to take wedding photos for friends here and there as side projects. After starting By Asa Photography in 2014, he became known for his unique techniques and ability to capture a moment, making him a sought-after photographer for weddings. “I think people want me to photograph their weddings mostly because of my documentary style and the lighting techniques I use, which work well for a wide range of skin tones and create crisp images and vibrant colors,” he says. “The off-camera lighting techniques are somewhat unique and the specific techniques I use are ones that I have developed over more than a decade. That sets me apart. Good reviews and an eagerness to please probably don’t hurt, either.”

Of all the types of photography he could do, Orrin-Brown finds a lot to love with weddings. “On my website, I wrote, ‘One of the things I love about portrait and wedding photography is how relevant they are, allowing for an exciting creative process and simultaneously creating something that is perpetually meaningful to others,’” he quotes. “I think that's still pretty accurate. I chose weddings because I really do like making people happy with my art. I was a sculpture student when I went back to school, and I just couldn't bring myself to pour endless creative energy into making something that most people would be indifferent to. Wedding photography is so much more fulfilling creatively.” Despite the challenges that naturally arise with weddings, Orrin-Brown still keeps his passion for his work alive. “I like making people happy and being a part of capturing such a special time in their lives,” he says. “With wedding photography, I get to be creative and put my energy into making something that will mean so much to my clients forever and hold a great deal of significance to them and their families. For me, that is a huge motivation.” For more information, visit

Story by -Liesel Schmidt