Ziba Barimani: The Brazilian Queen of Alexandria

Ziba Barimani: The Brazilian Queen of Alexandria

Story by Liesel Schmidt

Photography Courtesy of Glynn Jones Salon

If you’re like most women these days, the idea of going—ahem—au naturel isn’t something that appeals, especially during bathing suit season. Many women, therefore, break out the razor and go to town on every inch of hair. Others, however, leave all of that to someone else—like an expert who knows how to apply wax to those trouble zones and can rip it off with clinical detachment. Or, better yet, someone who has the skill to give you a wax treatment that is as pain-free and pleasant as possible with the personality of a trusted friend.

For Ziba Barimani of Glynn Jones, that finesse and ability is the very thing that makes her the “Brazilian Queen of Alexandria.” Boasting 30 years in the spa industry, Barimani has been a great asset to the Glynn Jones team over the past 18 years, bringing her expertise and passion for her work into each and every client interaction. “Over and above the before-and-after aesthetic results that I witness with each client, I love the friendships that I have forged with them,” she says. “I have been blessed with clients who are kind and generous in spirit. Often, a family member or friend is referred to me. The greatest compliment is when I receive an invitation to a client's home for drinks or a meal. That's why my job does not feel like a job—rather, it is an expression of art, fun and friendship.”

Like anyone with a love for their work as deep as Barimani’s, her “why” begins with a personal connection. “I first became fascinated with electrolysis when I visited my sister in London around 35 years ago,” she says. “She invited me to the salon where she worked as a beauty therapist, and most of her clientele were women interested in permanent or semi-permanent hair removal. Besides my fascination with electrolysis, which was at the time a novel method for hair removal, I became engrossed in the intimate conversations between my sister and her clients. On more than one occasion, a client would confide in my sister, and it seemed that, by the end of the treatment, the client's spirits were lifted not just because she was happy with the result, but [because] she had also been able to unburden her anxieties. That's when I learned that this profession is more than just aesthetic; it can be a very enriching experience for the therapist and the client.”

At the time, waxing was not a popular treatment simply because it was not as known in the West. This was where Barimani’s foresight came into play. “I introduced waxing, which has existed as part of a woman's hygiene and beauty practices in the East for centuries, to my clients, who fell in love with the results,” she says. “Slowly, waxing became standard practice and is now one of the most popular hair removal treatments. I apply this procedure with exact precision and use the best quality wax, which causes no pain. I am also super-efficient and hygienic with my work.”

With each booking, Barimani offers the same attention to personal care and ability that puts her clients at ease and provide the most comfortable experience. “My clients can expect efficiency and gentle precision in the treatment itself,” she says. “I also have unconditional regard for all my clients and I strive to meet their requests and needs in a respectful and kind manner. With first-time clients, I greet them and explain briefly what the process will involve. I then leave the room so that they can comfortably prepare for treatment in complete privacy. After a few minutes, I knock on the door to make sure they are ready for me to go in. At every step along the way, I explain to them what I am going to do next and what they can expect. With my regular clients, I have learned what their preferences are so I can anticipate what will make them the most comfortable.”

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