Why You Need A Wedding Planner

Why You Need A Wedding Planner

MJ Wedding and Events and Destination Weddings International helps soon-to-be-wed couples plan the wedding of their dreams.

Story by Andrew Gates + Photography Courtesy of MJ Weddings & Events

You just got engaged. Now it’s time to stop daydreaming of your perfect day or weekend, and start making it a reality. Where do you start? Planning a wedding can take a year or more of your life. Finding someone to guide you through the process and help eliminate the stress can make all the difference in your wedding experience. Megan “MJ” Sheckles, Owner of MJ Wedding and Events and Destination Weddings International wants to help soon-to-be-wed couples glide through the planning stage and into the wedding of their dreams.

“Truthfully, there are no rules to weddings. I don’t push my clients to follow any guidelines! If there are certain traditions they want to follow and others they want to pass on, great. We’re way past the days of formulaic weddings and I hope that trend continues throughout the years to come. Couples get wrapped up in what they are and aren’t supposed to do, that they completely forget this is the one day they can do whatever they please. I’m up for exploring all kinds of unique and eclectic ideas! It can be as different as the bride and groom wearing bright colors and/or patterns and guests wearing white, or as simple as skipping the bouquet and garter tosses. Nothing is set in stone—throw out whatever preconceived notions you had about how a wedding is supposed to go and do what works for you!”

Whether you are looking for a quaint wedding close to home, a destination wedding, or the social event of the year, MJ and her team help make all your dreams go off without a hitch.

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