When Life Gives You Curves

When Life Gives You Curves


Story by Brooke Lauren | Photography by Arielle Lewis Studios

Going into a department store when you fit a certain size can feel like a big sign is hanging over your head, and there literally is one. A big cardboard sign hangs above seven percent of department stores screaming plus size over racks of oversized cotton and clothes most often created to hide amazing shapes and curves. There must be another way! Thankfully, there is. Inclusive sizing is about finding great fashion that individualizes a person’s style no matter what the number reads on their tag.

Fashion is about loving the clothing you're in and how it fits your absolutely wonderful body no matter how curvy you happen to be. When stores decide not to cater to women of certain sizes, they are missing out on everything that comes with expanding their demographic. By hosting events that show how fashion is for each and every size, we are beginning a conversation about how fashion is more than fabric. Fashion is an expression of self-confidence and love for who we are as individuals.

Inclusive sizing is hitting the runways with women and even men demanding models that represent something real and relatable. Inclusive sizing is also hitting us locally thanks to Brit Boss and influencer Dani Saunter, lovingly known as @blondeinthedistrict by her Instagram fans. They recently joined forces to host their very first Sip & Shop Fashion Pop-Up Event at Glynn Jones Salon, featuring an exclusive rack with accessories and clothing of all sizes by Brit Boss, all curated by Dani, herself! “I am excited that BritBoss reached out to me to co-host this awesome event that brought inclusive sizing to Old Town! These events are something we’d love to continue in the upcoming months as well to make fashion more attainable and inclusive locally!”

Thankfully for the beautiful and curvy women of Alexandria, Brit Boss and Dani aren’t the only local fashion experts leading this charge. Twist Boutique’s owner, Kristen Moore, has been providing concierge consignment for women of all shapes and sizes since she opened her doors in 2017. “My love for consignment clothing and accessories has always been about unique finds, not necessarily the brand, that fit my style and wardrobe. The boutique carries a range of styles including vintage, wearable art, and of course classic clothing with a Twist. Their sizes range from 0 to 1X.'

The community of Del Ray is also home to a boutique owner who speaks passionately on the topic of inclusive sizing regularly. Celeste DeWitt Crutchfield of Kiskadee, recently published an article in the Alexandria Stylebook entitled Size Matters Not, in which she shares with readers, “I’ve heard it time and time again – “I can’t wear that.” It’s true that not everyone can wear everything. For example, I don’t like the way I look in white jeans or shorts.” Celeste, like Dani and Kristen, want women to feel beautiful, confident and empowered in their clothing. This is why Kiskadee loves their Sanctuary line, which is available in sizes XXS through 3X. There really is something for everyone.

'Nothing makes a woman more beautiful that the belief that she is beautiful.' - Sophia Loren

We hope to see more inclusive shopping events pop up to help promote the deeply held belief that fashion is about the individual depiction of someone’s personal style rather than a number stuck on an uncomfortable tag. After all, the world is changing, fashion is changing and the true definition of beauty will forever remain the same. Sophia Loren once said, “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” Truer words have never been spoken.

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