What's In Her Bag? VETERAN EDITION: Celeste Crutchfield

What's In Her Bag? VETERAN EDITION: Celeste Crutchfield

Words by Liesel Schmidt

Photography by Jeff Heeney

While most people know Celeste Crutchfield as the owner of Kiskadee Boutique, she’s got a whole other layer under those stylish clothes.

Throughout a 10-year career in the Air Force—six in active duty and four as a Reservist—Crutchfield was always a fashionista, something that wearing a uniform precluded. But while she shed the garb, the lessons that military service taught her still stay with her. 'It taught me one of the most important things about being a boss owner, which is being a boss,' she notes. 'I gained a lot of experience leading others and working with a lot of different personalities.'

Being a business owner naturally comes with its challenges, not the least of which is balance. As the mother of two teenaged girls, Crutchfield works hard to make time for everything. “I make sure to prioritize them as much as I can,” she says of her daughters. “They will always be number one to me, so sometimes the business owner aspect can take a back seat for a moment. I let that go and know that not everything has to be perfect all of the time.”

1. Haute Shore Purse

My purse is from a line we carry at the store called Haute Shore. I love that it is washable (made from Neoprene) and I'm a sucker for anything with a camouflage print.

2. Aesop Products

I recently discovered Aesop on a business trip. I bought pretty much everything they make, but I keep these two items in my purse: the hand sanitizer and the face spray. They both smell amazing and fresh. They always lift my spirits.

3. Tide Pen

The Tide Pen is a necessity. I am constantly spilling coffee on anything that is light-colored. The Tide Pen is my savior.

4. AirPods

I always have my AirPods with me. Whether it's taking a phone call or listening to my favorite podcast or music, I use them multiple times a day. They also need a sparkly pink case to house them, of course.

5. Business Card Holder

I give out a lot of business cards so I always have my cardholder filled up and ready to hand one out.

6. Reading Glasses

We have really cute readers in the store. I love ones with spotted frames. If you have to wear readers, you might as well wear cute ones!

7. Challenge Coin

This coin is the challenge coin from my last unit in the Air Force. If your unit has a challenge coin, you are supposed to keep it on you at all times. If someone whips out their coin and challenges you and you don't have it, you have to buy the round. Old habits die hard so I still keep mine in my wallet on the off chance I'm hanging out with military friends and they challenge me.

8. Fenty Beauty Lip Products

I'm a huge fan of the lip colors from Fenty Beauty. The colors are amazing and they stay put. This one is in my bag at all times.

9. Kindle E-Reader

I always have my Kindle on me. I have to get in the pick up line early for my daughter's school. My Kindle allows me to read while I wait.

10. Phone

Of course, my phone. I consider it my fifth limb at this point. Repping the Broncos with my case, too. Speaking of phones, I keep my backup charger on me at all times.

11. Finally, Sunglasses

I love sunglasses and rotate pairs often. These happen to be from Kiskadee. I love the green frame on these. shopkiskadee.com

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