VIP Wedding: Hannah Konig & Andrew Gates

VIP Wedding: Hannah Konig & Andrew Gates

Workplace romances can either be the best or worst idea-- luckily for Andrew Gates and Hannah Konig, it was the former. Andrew and Hannah met while working together at the Air and Space Museum, though neither remember the exact moment they me. With the help of a speedo picture and some cake, the two found a love connection that is out of this world.

Though he can’t quite remember the moment he met Hannah, he does remember going to a party at her DC apartment and bringing her cake-- because even though it wasn’t a birthday party, it was close to her birthday; so she obviously needed cake. She loved the sweet gesture, which eventually carried through to their July 2020 wedding where she relinquished all control of the cake to Andrew. Wanting to have fun with his piece of the planning, Andrew went to three bakeries looking to make a purple cake with white frosting. Being more challenging than he expected, he landed on Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe, creating what Hannah lovingly referred to as absurd. 'I knew it would be something silly, but it didn't look like a wedding cake at all.” With blue and purple sprinkles covering a white cake, it may not have looked like a traditional wedding cake but it was loved by their guests and especially Andrew who had five pieces.

'The first time I saw her on our wedding day, I was surprised to see a silver dress. I knew it wasn't going to be white because Hannah already let that secret slip, but I had it in my head that the dress was going to be blue, so that is what I imagined and expected. It was a pleasant and fun surprise to see silver instead. I thought she looked amazing! It was a beautiful dress and she was so happy. I can tell she really loved it, too!' - Andrew

The playful cake was not the only unexpected part of the couple’s wedding dreams. When Andrew proposed on a beach in Puerto Rico, and Hannah nodded in shocked awe at the topaz and white gold engagement ring, neither one of them could have expected having to plan two weddings: Plan A and Plan B. Due to COVID-19, their original Plan A wedding, including 120 of their closest friends and family, had to quickly be cut and rearranged to a small, intimate wedding of just 20. For Plan B, the couple moved their wedding to the LINE Hotel DC in Adams Morgan. Adams Morgan, being a place with sentimental value for the couple because of the many date nights spent there, also lent an amazing view of DC for their personalized Independence Day weekend themed wedding.

Wanting every detail to really speak to the couple, Hannah had her hair and make-up done by local business Gabby & Martha and wore a silver dress from Lovely Bride DC party because the color reminded her of the Air and Space Museum where they met. Their old boss was the officiant while Hannah’s mother oversaw the Jewish ceremonial aspects of the wedding. The couple extended their celebration into the next day by watching the 4th of July fireworks from the hotel, topping off a magical DC wedding weekend.

'We were so grateful we could have our wedding at the LINE with a view of our dearest city. To be married with the Adams Morgan / DC Skyline as our backdrop was a dream.' - Hannah

The couple has no regrets about the change of plans. One day when life returns to its normal flow, they plan to have a huge party. Andrew tells us “Hannah was so into her emotions and nerves on our wedding day that she barely enjoyed the food, drinks and company. She's now truly happy that the super-big party with the excess food will be on a different day, when she will be able to comfortably eat, drink and socialize without the nerves!” Though plans may change throughout life, one thing will remain the same- Andrew and Hannah’s love, and Andrew’s love of cake.

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