VIP Supermom: Carla Mantecon

VIP Supermom: Carla Mantecon

Story by Liesel Schmidt

Being an entrepreneur is a big and brave undertaking, even under normal circumstances. But add in being a a mom and an immigrant, and you’ve got even more hurdles to overcome. For Carla Mantecon, conquering those challenges has gotten her to where she is, owning her own business in Old Town making delicious food while raising a family in a country that isn’t her homeland. Still, Mantecon believes that being a mom, with all its joys and complications, has made her a better businesswoman. “My goal at Cocolita Food is making people happy,” says Mantecon, who hails from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

“I think that being a mom has made me much braver and stronger to face challenges and make better decisions in my professional life." - Carla

"It hasn't been easy being a mom and being away from my family in Mexico, since family are the people who can support you at times when you need it. However, it has been incredible to have a business that has been achieved thanks to the unconditional support of my husband, who believed in me.”

Juggling work and home life is a challenge for any working mom, but Mantecon knows the value of what she’s doing and she’s proud of what her two children see. “Waking up every day thinking about how to improve my business makes me very happy,” she says. “My five-year-old little girl already knows exactly what her mother does. She knows that her mother cooks a lot and she knows that I have a store called Cocolita and also work for a bar providing food. This wonderful Cocolita project is more than a name; it’s a dream that has been realized with the help of my family, friends and many beings that I’ve met along the way. My goal is not only to grow my business, but also to always offer the best of myself and offer authentic Mexican food with the flavors of Mexico. When I was a mom for the first time, many thought that Cocolita would not return, and they were wrong because she came back stronger. I just want my children to remember that their mother and father have worked hard to leave them the best example of life, which is to do what you love. When you do something that you have passion for, you will achieve great things and walk on the right path. I also want my children to know that triumphs are not easy to achieve and that, to reach them, you must also sacrifice many things.”

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