VIP Alexandria Dedicates November Issue to Military Families

VIP Alexandria Dedicates November Issue to Military Families

SERVICE. It’s a concept that lives at the heart of every facet of the military life, for both service members and their families. The "call to serve" that leads a man or woman to dedicate their lives to their country and the greater good is difficult for many to understand. But it is their unwavering devotion to to serving others - and the sacrifice it requires - that strengthens and empowers us all.

We are proud to print a Veterans issue each year. This year, we selected the title: Celebrating American Voices. The stories you will find in the pages ahead will take you a step beyond the typical military life and into the world of Veteran and Military Spouse Entrepreneurs. These individuals have become such a vital part of our local economies, and it's really no wonder why so many of them choose to go into business for themselves following years of service. A career in the military provides all involved with a sense of confidence, an undeniable drive to succeed,  courage, strength, persistence and passion. These are the same traits found in successful business owners and leaders.

And so, we are thrilled to introduce you to our November issue. We are so thankful to the men and women who shared their stories with us this month. We hope their words will excite, thrill, amaze and inspire you. In this community, we are not only blessed to be surrounded by so many selfless individuals while they are actively serving, but to also have the opportunity  to watch them aim and find success after.

From all of us at VIP, we thank you for your heroic devotion to our nation and to our beloved city.

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