Urban Redeux: Decorating with Tradition

Urban Redeux: Decorating with Tradition
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photography courtesy of   WILLOW WRIGHT, URBAN REDEUX


When Willow Wright opened Urban Redeux in September of 2018, the first-time store owner stocked the shop with a carefully curated mix of treasures, both beautiful and affordable, building on her love of all things antique and her eye for hidden potential. Over the past five years, the selection at Urban Redeux makes it a popular stop for buyers looking for unique items that you won’t find anywhere else.

“We offer a wide variety of goods from across the decades,” Wright says. “I love vintage lighting, so you’re sure to find many lamps on display. I also love chairs—they’re the perfect marriage between design and function, so there’s never a shortage of them. We also carry tons of vintage barware, linens, mid-century furniture and lots of books, both for reading and simply displaying. We’re also beginning to carry vintage clothing and jewelry.”

What makes Urban Redeux so special isn’t just the selection; it’s Wright’s process in finding that selection. “Just because an item may have a perceived value in today’s antique market isn’t enough of a qualifier to make the cut to get into the shop,” Wright explains. “When I see an item ‘in the wild,’ I must be able to envision its future home. If I can’t imagine anyone actually displaying or using it, it’s not making it onto the floor. I have a mental list of well known designers and influencers whose style I love, and I’ll often make a purchase with them in mind, even though I don’t know them personally. I know that if someone else’s home fits that style, whether it’s ‘grandmillenial’ or mid-century modern, then that customer will enjoy the fruits of my labor. I consider myself a steward, and it’s my job to find a second, third, even fourth home for an item.”


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