The Gift of Speed

The Gift of Speed


Words By Liesel Schmidt

Since opening in 2016, Dominion Raceway & Entertainment has been the east coast’s premier destination for motorsports and entertainment, featuring three motorsports tracks, both outdoor and indoor concert venues, ten acres of retail space and a 33-acre commercial center. The main 36,600 square foot complex includes a restaurant and is ideal for hosting corporate events, commercial product releases and live music. In partnership with the racetrack, a garage condominium concept has been in the works since late 2018 and will officially open before the end of 2021. “The idea for a garage condominium has been a part of the plan for Dominion Raceway & Entertainment since it opened; and when I became a member of the Driver’s Club several years ago, I expressed an interest in helping make the garages a reality when the time was right,” says Stewart Bartley of Y-12 Investments, LLC, one of the investing partners of Dominion Lux, the newly-built structure housing the garage condominium. With units in a variety of sizes that can hold anywhere from two to 12 cars, Dominion Lux may be a storage facility, but it’s about so much more than just having a secure place to house luxury and performance cars—it’s about creating a community. “Car enthusiasts love to gather and discuss their shared passion,” Bartley explains. “Dominion Lux offers several common spaces to gather such as the Chrome Lounge, the Pit Stop service bay with a lift and the Suds Wash Bay for indoor car washing. We also hold Cars & Coffee periodically, which brings everyone together and gives them a great chance to socialize with a cup of coffee in hand.” While perhaps not a novel concept, Dominion Lux offers something that, until now, has not been available to the area. “The idea of a garage condominium has been successfully implemented in many other locations around the country, and it will be here,” says Bartley. “Storage space is often the limiting factor for many car collectors and enthusiasts, especially in dense urban areas where land prices are high. Our idea is to provide relatively affordable storage space adjacent to an excellent racetrack environment as well as many scenic Virginia by-ways. There are many opportunities to use the two-mile racetrack and there are many miles of scenic roadways throughout the neighboring counties that afford a much more relaxed driving environment for classic and high-performance cars, than does, for example, the Capitol Beltway, which is what true car enthusiasts are looking for.” A perfect gift option for your car-collecting friends or family members, Dominion Racetrack & Entertainment offers several different ways to access the racetrack experience for a minimal price, from beginners to experts.

Located at 6701 Dominion Garage Ave., Thornburg, VA 22580. For more information, call 703.361.7223 or visit

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