The George of Old Town

The George of Old Town

An Exclusive Tour of the Home Once Owned by George Washington

Story by Alexandria Lindstrom | Photography Courtesty of The George

There’s something incredible about the prospect of sleeping in a room where history whispers from every crevice, where the corners of every room have a story to tell, and the past seems to collide with the present. And while George Washington didn’t actually sleep in any of the eight bedrooms located in this four-story home on Cameron Street, his stately presence can easily be imagined within the walls, as he once owned the property and lived in a townhouse next door.

Most of the rooms weren’t original to the structure that stood on the lot during Washington’s time, but the kitchen does hold that distinction. It is in this very space where Washington’s meals were once prepared. As was the practice then, the kitchen that served his household was located off property, where the threat of all-too-frequent kitchen fires was less of a concern. Now more than 200 years later, that kitchen is fully kitted out with professional-grade appliances and enclosed by a newly designed home comprising five bedrooms, each with their own baths; three suites with their own wet bar and living rooms; and a common area that includes a living room, dining room, tavern room, and a half bath.

The home renovations were quite an undertaking and were the brainchild of Martha and Steven Peterson, who have extensive property development and real estate investment experience. After successfully flipping a property next door, the then-owner of the home on Cameron approached the couple and offered it to them, confident they would be able to make the existing property spectacular. Renovations began after the $2 million deal was sealed, and the house became known as The George – a historically inspired luxury rental property allowing guests a chance to connect with the past while enjoying modern sophistication.

“Really, the kitchen was the deciding factor in purchasing the property,” explains Martha Peterson, who also runs The Brick House, a home renovation company known for high-end design. With her keen eye for decor and her natural approach to design, the project achieves the perfect marriage of modern-meets-historic through its furnishings and finishes.

“My son and I are both decorators, and we wanted to tie in traditional decor with modern so that people would feel like they were staying in an updated part of history,” Martha Peterson explained. Though she loves each room for its own charm, the foyer tops her list, as one can stand and readily see the living room, dining room, and kitchen. “It’s a space that grabs you, especially with the wallpaper, which is a beautiful gray-scale mural of a landscape with George Washington riding on a horse. It really makes me feel like I’m in Washington’s home when I walk into that space,” she said.

The George has been fully booked every weekend since its official opening as an Airbnb in July, with future bookings reaching nearly 80 percent capacity. Each of the suites can be rented individually, or the entire house can be rented for larger groups. The Petersons foresee weddings, family reunions, and other special occasions in the future. All accommodations include use of the common areas – living room, dining room, kitchen, tavern room, and the beautiful courtyard – and come with tickets to visit Mt. Vernon, what was once George Washington’s main residence.

Whether enjoying a night away or planning a special occasion, a stay at The George promises to be memorable – maybe even one for the history books.

The George is located at 506 Cameron St., Alexandria, VA 22314. For more information visit or and search “The George.”

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