The Dance of Intimacy

The Dance of Intimacy

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Story by Jeanette Wages

If you have ever watched a romantic movie, that special moment always seems like such an effortless dance where everyone leaves the dance floor thrilled. But for many people, that “dance” might not always go so well. Sometimes there is stress, anxiety, or even pain. There are different reasons why someone may experience performance issues, but the good news is that there are many ways to help – including our good friend cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant.

Scientifically speaking, stress and anxiety is the result of our body’s fight or flight response. It’s the little voice in your head that tries to keep you from being harmed, whether physically or emotionally. It’s what keeps us safe from walking across the street without looking or keeps us up at night thinking about all the things that could go wrong. It is also what keeps us from taking a big leap to try new experiences, like doing the “tango” or maybe doing it with a new “tango partner.” Performance anxiety is far more common than many people think, so let that knowledge be step one to relaxing and finding the rhythm to “get on the dance floor.”

For external use only

Pain is a word we never want to hear in intimate situations; however, it happens and happens a lot. Some experience pain from injuries or wounds. Others have much more chronic issues, which we recommend talking to a doctor about. However, the use of CBD has been purported, at least anecdotally, to help with muscle pains. Some causes of pain from intimacy-related pain are contractions caused by dyspareunia, removal of IUDs, vaginismus, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and dryness. Yes, I know, these aren’t 'dance' terms. Wait for the beat to drop and we’ll bring the metaphors back into play.

While CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects like its THC sister, it may boost your mood by preventing the reuptake of one of the body’s endocannabinoids called anandamide. Anandamide is our bliss neurotransmitter, eponymously named after the word for bliss in Sanskrit. It is also associated with the activation of oxytocin, the cuddle hormone. Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body including in reproductive organs and tissue responsible for arousal. While the effects of CBD on sexual responses in humans are unclear, it is known that CBD dilates blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow and has also been shown to reduce levels of cortisol, the steroid hormone associated with stress.

... and the beat drops…

Next time you’re a little nervous to get on the “dance floor,” remember to calm your nerves and do a little warm-up stretching! Add a couple of drops of CBD to your favorite social lubricant or ease into the night with some nice topical CBD and a back rub.

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